Bachelor thesis in the company: process and organization

There is hardly anything in the study you should so early and plan well as your undergraduate work – especially if you write in a company like. Because in addition to your thesis you have to have a few other things take care.

Why the still worthwhile why you allow extra time should and how you custom writing essay service can find the perfect theme for you, you can find out here.

What did you do about it?

This can be avoided rarely


The right theme

Better safe

Premature end

Anyone planning too late is punished by life

What did you do about it?

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and the Bachelor thesis in the company. Many students also determines some of your fellow students to write their work better in the university, because it is easier. Here, the extra writingbee effort by the many benefits is more than made up:

first Practice, Practice, Practice:

When an external thesis you always have a much greater practical relevance. Sure, the theory part can be avoided in any scientific work. But you do not versauerst in the depths of a library and try to understand theoretical (but not applicable) models. Instead, you have schnupperst fresh air practice. And since you mitbekommst the processes in the company up close, you know your subject better and not lose the thread. At best, your results will be implemented directly in the operation, and you see your direct contribution to the success of the company. This motivates and encourages own ideas.

second Professional experience:

And while you so write to your thesis, you collect along the way of practical experience, which mainly gives you a first job a tremendous advantage. More and more companies no longer expect only a pure degree, but also practical experience.

Therefore, many students are forced to make matters during or an internship after completing their studies. With the Bachelor thesis in the company you will save you this time. Convince you, the company (and believe it yourself), you can optionally also immediately after your Bachelor enter there.

3rd Setting up the network: internships, part-time jobs and also the position of Bachelor student you should use this to socialize in any case. Because even if it does not work with the subsequent career, you know now people who can help you in the future. Many jobs are taken by the hand and as a graduate without many years of experience you can happen is nothing better than to have an advocate


4th It’s all about the money: It should not be your primary reason, but of course it is a nice bonus – especially if you are dependent on a part-time job. Your finances you can with the Bachelor’s thesis in the company improve, it is in fact paid in many cases.

You can register completely concentrate on writing and not have to work more on the side. And not only that – a thesis often requires materials that are complex and / or expensive to obtain. Since the company is interested in high-quality results, it will ask you necessary resources available.

That can not avoid: The disadvantages

It’s actually just an inconvenience, but it is all the more difficult: the different requirements of universities and companies. The company wants a result-oriented as possible work, the university scientific as possible. The one does not exclude the other, although from, but it can quickly lead to conflicts.

A difficult situation for you, will you finally make it both sides fairly. Here, then, tact and negotiation skill is on your part required. Nevertheless, you should not forget that while you’re writing the work in a company, but it is ultimately judged by your professor. Are you so in the situation where you can satisfy only one of the two sides, you should well consider who that will be.

So that it does not come to that only, you should clarify who has the requirements to you in advance. Knows your contact person the conditions of the university and vice versa your professor the company, you can find common compromise. At best, the university requirements are included in the contract with the company, so you can rely on yourself in conflicts.

Before you hand your thesis, you should check if this one hand meets the requirements of your university and on the other hand, the company again. On the corporate side is not a problem: Your supervisor will probably want to proofread your work anyway


However, as to your university – this is somewhat more difficult. Your professor retires for this task so out eventually. A professional editing your thesis can help. So you can be sure that your work is understandable and accurate and even your professor will satisfy you.

Bachelor thesis in the company: Finding the right topic [incl. Checklist]

You have chosen to write your thesis in the company and discussed with your university whether the study regulations allow this? Perfect, then you have already made the first step.

Now we need to find an appropriate topic and a suitable company in which you can apply. Fortunately, you can see two birds with one stone – because most places are already advertised with specific topics. So you can in the usual job boards Browse by currently available and apply yourself on issues that you like


Did you specific topic requests, or you have a specific company in mind, you can also apply up initiative and propose its own theme.

Have you found an appropriate topic, you should this coincide with your contact person in your university discuss – because it is not approved, can you save the application

. If you are

dir not sure if an issue is right for you, then just imagine the following questions:

  • you interested in the issue personally?

If thy issue is not really interested in you writing on will be difficult for short or long. So take a non-issue, just because you think you can find a better one. Only if you really begeisterst you for the topic, you really kneel purely because you are interested in the results themselves.

Fits the theme to your career goal?

If you already know where you want to go professionally, select a topic from the field. In later interviews so you can already score with expertise and results -. And secure your dream job

Fits the theme to your studies?

Actually clear, but we say it anyway again. Fits the theme not to your studies, you will probably not even approved. Before you zusagst already verbally the company so you should be first in your university to ask if the subject is accepted.

Adjust the subject to one of your teachers?

The next hurdle is to find a suitable supervisor at the university. Clarify whether your instructor knows about your desired topic, so he supervise your work competently understand and evaluate can.

Is there on this subject enough literature?

Your theme can be as well – there is no literature on this, you’re going to move forward only with great effort. Especially when the science has not really dealt with it. To get an idea of how it looks with the literature, it is worth a rough literature once you know what to go there in your work. So you avoid the risk to stand later empty-handed.

Do you have a specific question?

Once you have a rough idea, it comes to be more specific. Together with your supervisors, you should work out a very specific question that you will answer in your dissertation.

If you can answer all questions with a “yes”

, then you need to do not worry – you’ve found the perfect theme


contract for your Bachelor work

As a Bachelor student you are employed and need accordingly an employment contract. In this important framework to be clarified:

  • / compensation
  • style=”list-style: none”> style=”list-style: none”> style=”list-style: none”> agreement

Detailed information you can find in our article “thesis, see the Company”

In addition, it should be noted in the contract the needs of universities and companies. Since the company is more interested in practical aspects, but the university expects a scientific working, there may be between the two parties to conflict. To rule this out in advance, you can try together to find compromise and this hold contract. So you are protected in case of emergency.

Can you cancel a bachelor’s thesis in the company?

Sometimes things do not go as planned in life. It may happen that you will force a lengthy illness, cancel the bachelor thesis. Or do you want to terminate because the company still does not meet your expectations. But is that even possible?

As far as the academic part, yes. Many colleges can talk to and provide for good reasons usually an extension. Especially when you find yourself in a bad fault (physical or mental) constitution. In less serious reasons, you will probably have to grit your teeth. Or you accept a mistrial. In any case, you should weigh the good.

From the companies that may be more difficult – after all, you leave there on your work. Basically, however: You can cancel. As an employee, you must comply with the probation period and notice you there. These are stated in the contract. There should ideally be clarified what possibilities and consequences could have been a premature termination of the employment relationship for both sides. Experiments with the company to work out a mutually fair emergency plan in advance.

Anyone planning too late is punished by life

Early planning is at a bachelor thesis the alpha and omega – especially if you write in a company. Because the biggest time wasters here is the preparatory stage: information, find, research a suitable topic … In addition in an external thesis an often weeklong application period


If you begin with your preparations so not early enough, you have your thesis at worst, a semester later write. Which is pretty annoying and – is preventable

– a good time management. So

Plane enough time to prepare and do the best a precise timetable for your thesis – and counting for the application phase additionally a few months on it. Where: Better too much than too little time schedule


Important: In most cases, a short internship or a working student is connected prior to the actual start of the thesis, so you get to know the processes in the company and can even incorporate you. How long this training period lasts, is set in the contract. It is important that you are aware of this in your schedule.