DIY Steps to Write a Winning Essay for a Scholarship

What Makes a Good Scholarship Essay?

A stellar scholarship essay is precise and concise. There is no shortcut in writing your piece for the admission committee. Most times, the questions can be overwhelming. It is easy to lack the needed resources to form a complete piece. However, this is a good thing since it means you are in a level plain field.

A good scholarship essay reveals personality. The reason for scholarships is to find deserving applicants. Therefore, you stand on neutral ground before writing the essay. In case you can coin your personality with originality, you can have a stellar piece in your hands. Consequently, it is essential to analyze your personality.

Planning Section for Scholarship Essay

Before writing your scholarship essay, it is essential to plan. You will suffer if you procrastinate in drafting your essay. Planning gives you the time advantage in proofreading and brainstorming ideas.

Start by understanding your audience. In this case, it is the admission committee. Bear in mind the committee receives thousands of applications. Sorting through the application can prove a daunting task for them. It is up to you to leave a mark with your essay. 

A common mistake most applicants make is not reading the instructions. This is used as a gauge in measuring your character and might cost you the scholarship. Exceeding the word count could end up locking you out of the successful applicants’ lot.

Writing Phase

After reading the instructions carefully, it is time to pen down your essay. You might feel some anxiety, but that happens even to the best of us. For most pieces, it follows a standard structure comprising:

  • Introduction
  • Body 
  • Conclusion

Instead of going for the apparent starting line, why don’t you surprise your audience with a famous quote? It leaves the reader hooked on how the quote relates to the essay. You can easily link up the quote to tell part of your story.

It is essential to show emotions in your essay. When you read most applicant essays, it is void of any human emotions. It feels like a robot wrote the paper. Do not be shy to share your failures in life in the essay. Most people showcase the good stuff while hiding the bad things that make us. Reveal how a traumatic experience changed the course of your life.

Showing emotions gives you a better chance of connecting with the audience. It gives them a front-row seat in your life. They become engaged with the person you are. It increases your chances of having your scholarship accepted. Ensure that the person is heavily invested in your personality.

The Don’ts

Most students end up making common mistakes during the writing process that goes unnoticed. Here are common mistakes you should avoid:

  1. Avoid being too sappy while delving deep into sad stories to gain sympathy
  2. Do not miss the stated deadline. Plan in advance to have enough time to gather all details to include
  3. Do not submit without proofreading your work of grammatical errors, sentence run-ons, and spelling mistakes.
  4. Do not copy templates on the internet of written scholarship essays.

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