How to Write a Literature Review Paper

How to Create a Literature Review Paper

A literature review is essential for your research paper because it summarizes the work done by other scholars on your chosen topic. Analyzing the work of other researchers is vital because you get to understand their contributions, and identify research gaps that you can work on.

A literature review will help your audience to understand the sources of some of the arguments in your research paper, and how your chosen topic is contributing to the identified gap.

How to Develop Your Literature Review

Extensive research is essential when drafting your literature review because it is the only way to establish how other researchers have contributed to your topic. The length of your review will be dependent on the length of your research paper. These steps will help you create an excellent literature review.

Outline the Goal of Your Research

It would help if you clearly stated what the objective of your research is, at the onset of your paper. It is essential for readers to find out from the beginning what you are writing about. Once you have stated your goal, it will be easier for your review to follow that direction.

Do Extensive Research

Research is the only way of finding out what work other scholars have done regarding your chosen topic. When doing research, it is best to find out who the top intellectuals in your field of study are, and start reviewing their latest work regarding your topic. When reviewing their work, it is also essential to be on the lookout for any gaps.

State the Relevance of the Publications

When reviewing the work done by other scholars, it is essential to state the significance of each publication to your research paper. You can look at the main points addressed by the scholars, and clearly state how they relate to your research work. Do not include any publication if you can’t state how it contributes to your research.

Ensure Your Review Progresses Logically

Your literature review helps develop the argument of your research paper. It is essential if you looked at some of the earliest researches done by scholars regarding your topic, and establishing how your topic has evolved over the years. You shouldn’t be afraid of including research that has strong opinions about your topic.

Establish Whether You Are Using Current Sources

While looking at some of the earliest research work is essential, some academic fields require you to use the most current sources. For instance, researchers in the medical field use the latest studies to deal with prevailing problems. However, if you are in the humanities field, such as history, it is crucial to find out the thought process of researchers who existed in previous years.

Include References or a List of Work Cited

When you are writing your literature review, you will include the author’s name and the year of publication in your work. However, you will still have to include a comprehensive citation list at the end of your review. Your course requirements will direct you appropriately about the citation style to use.

A literature review significantly influences the direction of your research paper. Make yours excellent by sticking to these tips.

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